Paldo Gomtang Beef Bone (5 pack)


Paldo is the global food company of love and trust.

As a leading brand made by Korea Yakult, Paldo has grown with the love of our customers. To get closer to our customers, the global food company of love and confidence started a new chapter as "Paldo". Paldo was established in 1983, pioneering the era of high quality instant noodle and diversifying into the beverage business and logistics business in 1995. Since 1987, Paldo has opened new outlets in the overseas market to satisfy their needs. We have seen great success especially in Russia, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Germany etc. Our Dosirac square noodle occupy a large portion of the Russian instant noodle market, elevating our national prestige. In the future. We'll make a ceaseless efforts to build healthy world and satisfy all the people around the world.

Always one step ahead in anticipation our customer's demands, We will continue to create new products and improve the quality of all our products and advance the field of life sciences even further.

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