Jinbo Selection Soul Spicy Dry Noodles (4 Packs)

Country of Origin: Taiwan


Blazing hot flames delivered with justice via noodles to the soul, Jinbo Selection's Soul Spicy Dry Noodles are a must-try for any noodle enthusiast, both extremist or casual (at least if you can handle the spice).

This is the next new wave from the East (Taiwan specifically). Jinbo Selection's Soul Spice will (almost) certainly deliver a flavor that hasn't yet connected with your tastebuds.

That gaping hole in your soul that you never knew existed until you learned of Jinbo Selection Soul Spicy Dry Noodles? This, right here, is the fiery spirit you've always craved, but never knew where to find. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. :)

- MyAsianStore Team

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